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We are proud of the work done by the dedicated staff in our drug rehab center in Centennial, Colorado. Our drug rehab center is just one in a network of treatment facilities that are dedicated to helping as many people as we can manage to break free from their addiction to drugs and alcohol.


If you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Centennial, Colorado that is going to provide you with individualized treatment, dual diagnosis, and provide you with a safe and welcoming environment in which to get well, then you have come to the right place.


Our caring staff is committed to helping you or your loved ones work through the physical and emotional issues connected with addiction. Something that we have seen time and time again at our Centennial, Colorado addiction recovery facility is that the underlying emotional challenges our clients face are more powerful than the temporary physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. For this reason, individualized and group therapy is offered as a way of helping our clients confront and work through the issues that led to their substance abuse. The end goal is to help you or your loved ones take productive steps to make addiction a thing of the past.


The Benefits of Supervised Detox


If you are like many individuals considering whether or not to visit our Centennial, Colorado drug rehab clinic, it is likely that you are worried about withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. While our goal at Pinnacle Recovery substance abuse treatment facility is to make the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible, it is possible that you will feel some withdrawal symptoms.


While it is possible for a person to endure the detox process on their own, it is not advisable. The support and advice provided by the staff here at Pinnacle Recovery will make it easier for you or your loved ones to deal with any discomfort, emotional distress, or anxiety that may accompany detox. Individuals who have successfully broken free from substance abuse often state that the support they receive while going through supervised detox was one of the most important resources they had available to them during the entirety of the rehab process.


Sometimes simply having an experienced individual alongside you and reminding you that the symptoms you are experiencing are temporary goes a long way in helping you stay focused through the detox process. Every day that you stay away from the addictive substance the more accustomed your body becomes to living without it. Soon your body will be completely detoxed, and you will be able to begin the process of rehabilitation.


A Clean and Safe Environment


When you visit our Centennial, Colorado addiction recovery center, you will see for yourself that we have created an attractive, tranquil, clean, and safe environment that is conducive to health and healing. The staff and the guests at our facility are warm and inviting. You will not be judged for your past, but instead you will be encouraged to create a bright future.


We have been blessed to help many people who have visited Pinnacle Recovery addiction treatment clinic get on the road to recovery.