San Francisco

When you climb out of the prison of drug addiction, you will be free to pursue your dreams once again. The best way to ensure successful addiction recovery is to find the drug rehab facility that is right for you. Our drug rehab center, Pinnacle Treatment Services, can give you your best chance of getting clean and staying that way. When you come to our San Francisco, California substance abuse treatment facility, you will find a warm, supportive environment where you can take on the hard work of reclaiming your sobriety.


Creating the Rehab Experience You Need

Inside our addiction treatment center in San Francisco, California, you will enjoy a customized addiction recovery program. We have a broad range of addiction treatment methods that we will combine to create the ideal recovery plan to meet your needs. When you have this level of care, it makes for a much more enjoyable and ultimately more successful recovery experience.


Detox Services

People come to us in a wide range of conditions. Don’t ever be worried about what kind of shape you come to us in. We have an excellent drug detox clinic that provides you with the highest level of care. Our managed detox will keep you safe and comfortable as you make your way through withdrawal.


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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

About half of our clients who are struggling with addiction are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. At our San Francisco, California addiction recovery center, you will be provided with the highest standard of treatment. When dual diagnosis mental health treatment is combined with our topnotch addiction recovery program, it makes the chances of a lasting recovery much greater for clients with a co-occurring disorder. Our dual diagnosis approach to recovery ensures our clients who battle mental health concerns receive the help they need.


A Safe Rehab Space


It is crucial for a drug rehab center to create the safest possible recovery environment for their clients. At our San Francisco, California addiction recovery facility, we place the safety of our clients at the top of our list of priorities. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients always feel secure when they are inside our drug rehab facility. You can count on Pinnacle Treatment Services to make modifications to the recovery program if you need something done to ensure you feel safe.


Your Great Group Experience

Inside our San Francisco, California addiction treatment facility, we put group therapy at the center of the recovery experience. Our dedicated staff of group leaders have the expertise to lead group discussion exactly where they need to go. You will go through emotional depths you never thought possible inside your group sessions, but it is the hard work you put in sharing your story that will help you make your way to sobriety.


Aftercare Program

When you leave our addiction treatment center in San Francisco, California, it will likely be a little bit frightening. That is only natural. Leaving the safety of the rehab setting for the unknown of the wide world can feel overwhelming. You will face stress and you will face temptations. That is why we make sure to provide our clients with the best aftercare programs possible. When you leave us, you will have the backup of our aftercare program to give you the structure you need to handle the transition from rehab back to your regular daily routine.


Making the decision to enter our San Francisco, California substance abuse treatment facility is very brave. We recognize how much courage it takes for our clients to go through rehab, which is why we go to extraordinary lengths to help you succeed in your recovery. We create the ideal treatment program for you, taking the time to adjust it as needed so that you can make your way through recovery as effectively as possible. Come to our addiction recovery center to begin your sober life today.