Don’t Detox Alone- Our Clinic can Help

Which addiction treatment center is right for you? If you are struggling with any type of drug and/or alcohol addiction, then the answer is more than likely Pinnacle Treatment Services. Our qualified staff at our drug rehab center in Folsom, California is standing by to help you today.


It’s Not as Easy as it Looks

Going through the process of detox can be much more difficult than it seems. Do-it-yourself methods aren’t the best choice, especially for anyone who has been using for a while. While you go through the process of ridding your body of the harmful toxins that keep you dependent on your drug of choice, you will have some unpleasant withdrawals. To make sure you get through the process safely and comfortably, you need the caring professionals of our Folsom drug rehab by your side.


For these reasons and more, we suggest you check yourself into our substance abuse treatment facility in Folsom and let us help you through the worst of your pain and discomfort. We have professional staff and personnel on hand all day and all night to make sure you are safe and comfortable during your visit with us. The staff at our drug rehab facility in Folsom are caring and are only concerned about your safety and well-being.

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Dual Diagnosis- What it is and Why it is Important

Addiction recovery isn’t just about the drugs you are abusing. Many clients have an underlying mental health issue that they need to work on when they come to our addiction recovery center. Disorders that you may have had for years may be one of the main triggers for drug abuse, so our therapists are trained to deal with these issues simultaneously.


We also see clients who have become addicted to painkillers because of an accident or surgery. They may have been taking their pills on an as-needed basis but slowly upped their dosage on their own. It doesn’t take long for a full-blown addiction to set in and that is where we come in, we treat clients addicted to any prescription drugs.


Our caring addiction experts do not judge at our addiction recovery facility when you talk about your struggles. We have seen it all and are here only to help.


Therapy Options through our Drug Detox Clinic

We offer a comprehensive list of therapy options here at our Folsom addiction treatment facility. We can begin as soon as you feel you are ready if you have come to our drug detox clinic in active withdrawals, or we can start as soon as you are signed in your first day. We prepare personalized plans for each and every one of our clients during the intake process with the help of qualified counselors and doctors. We provide individual counseling for every client, as well as daily group therapy sessions that we have found to be the most effective. Addiction recovery isn’t just about the person addicted; it is also about the people and situations that person has affected because of their use. We have found that by setting up a confidential and supportive group setting, our clients can talk about issues with like-minded individuals in peace and quiet.


We know that an addiction recovery program cannot be your safe place forever. Eventually you will have to go out on your own and face the world again. This can be especially scary if this is your first time in a drug rehab center and you are still getting used to life without the crutch of drugs. Take advantage of our aftercare services, from continued group and individual counseling to therapy with family and more. You’ll stay on track and continue on your path to sobriety for good!