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Struggling with an addiction can feel like a never-ending process, a vicious cycle between despair and bliss, but you don’t have to keep doing it.


ou can overcome, you can beat what ails you, and return to a new life. One filled with love, fulfillment, sobriety, and happiness. Pinnacles Treatment Services and our vast network of substance abuse treatment clinics is here for you, we can provide the treatment you need and compassion you deserve. Read on to see what that is like.

After coming to terms with your addiction and committing fully to recovery, you will begin your treatment in one of our drug detox clinics for supervised detox.

While your body goes through the trials and tribulations of withdrawal, you will need professional help at your side in order to fully overcome the physical side effects. Don’t worry, with our trained and experienced addiction specialists with you at every moment, you will get through withdrawal with as little pain as possible and as safely, comfortably, and efficiently as possible. Once you have gotten through detox, you will feel like a completely new person, but your work isn’t done there.

Common questions from our patients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is when you have a coexisting mental illness and addiction. When you have a dual diagnosis both conditions exacerbate the other and make it extremely difficult to break free from. This is why nearly half the amount of people with an addiction need dual diagnosis treatment. When you have gotten down to the root of your condition, you will be able to properly treat your addiction and move on to a fulfilling life.

Why do I have to attend group meetings?

Group therapy sessions are extremely vital to each and every addiction recovery. Together the group works to help each other with insightful advice, empathetic listening, and valuable venting of thoughts and feelings. The friends and insight you gain during these sessions will likely stay with you long after you have left our drug rehab center and will help you when you’re going through aftercare on your own.

What does it mean to customize treatment?

Addiction recovery is dependent upon the fact that each treatment program is designed around the needs and situation of the client. No two people are the same, neither are their addictions, and therefore they need to receive personalized addiction treatments. Recovery is much more successful when the person has their needs met. At Pinnacle Treatment Services, each recovery plan is meticulously planned around the individual.

How long does treatment last?

To be clear, addiction recovery doesn’t necessarily end. It becomes a part of your new life. Something second nature you will no longer have to worry about. But treatment at Pinnacle Treatment Services lasts from 30 to 90 days depending on the severity of your addiction. For extremely severe addictions, you may stay even longer. It all depends on you and your personal situation.

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